Our Team

Founded in the spring of 2015, Elmhurst Evolution is an Ultimate Frisbee program located in Elmhurst, Illinois.  We accept players from any Elmhurst high school, as well as any high school in Illinois that doesn't have an Ultimate Frisbee program.  Thanks to a dedicated, passionate group of parents, players and coaches, this program continues to achieve higher levels of success each year.

Our Values

Elmhurst Evolution strives to create not only top notch ultimate players, but top notch people.  We are student athletes, with the student part always coming first. Our core values are centered on hard work in the classroom being rewarded with the opportunity to practice and compete as part of our team.  

Who Should Join?

Any student (male or female) between grades 6 and 12 interested in learning what this great sport has to offer is welcome to join our team!  Your level of experience with the sport does not matter, just come ready to work hard and have fun! 

What We've Achieved

  • 5th place finish in the 2019 Illinois State Tournament

  • 2016 Coach of the Year: Brad Johnson

  • 2nd place finish in the 2016 Illinois State Tournament

  • CYUT 2016 Champions

  • Chicago Ultimate Junior Origination (CUJO): 2015, 2016, 2017 Champions

  • 7th place finish in the 2016 Central Regional Tournament

  • YCS 2015 Champions

  • State Tournament 2015 Spirit Winners